Birthday Shenanigans

Ahhhhhh!! So I haven’t posted anything in ages, boo!! Well in my defense I think one of my last posts was about how excited I was about the beach . . . and then rainy season hit! boo! And a mixture of not doing much and a grumpy mood put me in a bit of a creative slump blogging wise. But it wasmy birthday last week and despite the rain, I was determined to go out and have a good time!

The girls from work surprised me with cake!
The girls from work surprised me with cake!


So me and a couple of my friends went to see some live music two weeks ago at a venue called “Early Believers” , it’s near Fubar on Oyofuko-dori and is a fairly decent size and also has a bar with some seating in the front which isn’t bad for chillaxing when you’re not rocking the dance floor.

We saw a band called “Habana” who I really like, I’ve seen them once before and thought they were awesome! It turns out that one of my friends knows a couple of the band members, so we got to hang out with them before and after the show too, which was cool!

Their music is quite difficult to explain a kind of euphoric dance but that has some traditional Japanese elements, as well as a sitar and a didgeridoo, if that helps give you any idea of their musical style lol.

The band
The band




Working the hat
Working the hat

The next morning we also woke up early to catch the England vs. Italy world cup match, which was a good game, it would have been even better if England actually won!!! And as of writing Japan only have a slim chance of going through, so I’m going to have to pick a different team to support, decisions, decisions!!!

Working another hat! This time with a grumpy face! Cos England are out! boo!!
Working another hat! This time with a grumpy face! Cos England are out! boo!

Due to having friends now who actually are down with the live music scene in Fukuoka, I feel like there will be more opportunities to post about these kind of gigs, and the plan for later in the week (after pay day!!!) is to go see an Ainu band! If they are any good, I’ll let you know!


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