So the other day I went to a cat cafe for the first time! I have to say it was a little different to how I expected and was certainly eventful!!! The cafe I visited is called Keurig Neko the Loft, and is on the 4th floor of the Jolis Building near Saizeriya in Imazumi.

There are a large number of cats in this cafe, around 30! The layout of the cafe is nice, with around 10 tables inside and large windows providing a good view of the Tenjin area.  Away from the windows is really the cats true domain, if you go up a couple of steps there is a sofa and some wooden perches for them to sit on and their cages and baskets. From here they can climb up into the rafters and above most of the tables, while we were sitting at our table one very dramatically dropped from the ceiling!!!

You pay for the amount of time you stay there, it starts at ¥380 for 30 minutes and one drink. If you have an alcoholic drink you may need to pay a little more.  There are a range of drinks and some foreign beers such as Hoegaarden, Guiness and Corona. You can also get food but the choices are very limited.  I thought it was a little overpriced.

However the cats in the cafe are actually strays that have been rehabilitated and so you are helping to pay for their care. The cats can also be adopted by the patrons after going through a screening process as well.  It is a little smelly there, but I think this is partly due to the fact that they are being rehabilitated and so are not completely house trained yet. I was peed on within about 5 minutes of walking in the door, lol.   Just something to be aware of.

There is a second branch of this cafe in Daimyo as well, I will post both addresses at the bottom of this post, along with links to their website, all in Japanese I’m afraid. But first pictures!!



I'm stuck!
I’m stuck!
Up in the rafters
Up in the rafters
Sleepy kitty
Sleepy kitty
Feeding time
Feeding time
The culprit!!
The culprit!!
Oh noooo not my skirt!
Oh noooo not my skirt!


I'm not up to anything . . .
I’m not up to anything . . .

So here is the link to the website for Keurig The Loft –

And the address in case you want to type it into Google Maps –

福岡市中央区今泉1-22-21 Jolisビル 4F

And the link to the original Neko Cafe Keurig –

And the address –

福岡市中央区大名一丁目10番15号 WATTビル1F

Finally I plan to visit the original Neko Cafe Keurig at some point in the future, in which case I’ll do an update. Also an owl cafe has just opened in Nakasu!!! That’s next on my list!!!!


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