Kazari Sushi

While I was waiting for my Japanese class to start on Saturday, my teacher came over and told me about an event that was happening in the afternoon, as she knows I like cooking, to see if I was interested to attend.  As my other plans for the day ended up getting cancelled, I thought, why the hell not!

The class was run by the Master Instructor of Kazari Maki Sushi, and was a lot of fun! Also all our sushi came out looking really good, which is credit to her easy to follow directions and clear recipes.

There was 8 of us in the class, and half made “car” shaped sushi and the other half (my team) made “peach blossom” shaped sushi.

Master Instructor Yukari
Master Instructor Yukari
Car team preparing their sushi
Car team preparing their sushi


Yukari sensei's Peach Blossom sushi
Yukari sensei’s Peach Blossom sushi
Me with my creations, they didn't turn out half bad!!
Me with my creations, they didn’t turn out half bad!!
A close up shot of my sushi
A close up shot of my sushi
Car team's finished sushi
Car team’s finished sushi

Finally the class ended with a demonstration by Yukari sensei making 2 types of sushi, a square pattern with purple and orange seasoned rice and some fabulous Setsubun Oni (demon) sushi! I think they look like the Studio Ghibli Totoro character!!! Overall great class, I would really recommend it!



Setsubun Oni Sushi (AKA Totoro!!!)
Setsubun Oni Sushi (AKA Totoro!!!)
Group shot!
Group shot!

Check out the Kazari Maki Sushi website here!


It’s all in Japanese, follow the tab labelled “イベント” to see dates of upcoming events.


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