February 1st, has spring arrived??

Today was a beautiful day in Fukuoka/Hakata, 18 degrees, sunny, was gorgeous! It was the first day of the year that I didn’t need to wear my heat-tech leggings and coat! With the start of February comes the ume blossom season. Ume or Japanese Plum are the some of the first plants to bloom in the year, starting around the beginning of February, and signify the start of spring.

Out and about in town today I did come across some Ume flowers on the roof of Hakata station, so that does mean spring has arrived??? If today was anything to go by then, it’s here woop woop!!! But . . . if next week’s weather forecast is to be believed we have a whole week approaching with 90% chance of rain!!! booooooo!!!

Anyway I had a lovely day today, and here are some of my pictures of the first blooms of the year, other places in town to see Ume blossoms include, Maizuru Park, Nokonoshima Island and Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine which apparently has 6000 ume trees on it’s grounds! If I have time I might try and head out there next weekend and check it out, at least I will if this beautiful weather continues!








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