Itoshima and Oysters

So oysters (カキ = kaki) are now in season here in Fukuoka, and as my boyfriend loves them, we went on a oyster hunt last weekend in Itoshima.  The chap at the toll on the highway, on discovering we were heading to Itoshima said, “Ah kaki ne”, and thrust a map through the car window.


We took the exit at Maebaru and proceeded to hunt for kaki signs, we found a popular one but there was a 40 minute wait so we booked a table for later and headed up to Raizan Sennyoji Temple.  This temple is up in the mountains a bit and was very cold, but it really has a lot of atmosphere and is certainly the best temple I’ve been to in the region.

The maple tree in the front of the temple is 400 years old and there are queues getting here in the autumn as people want to see the tree and gardens with their red autumn foliage.  This temple has a lot of nice little features (which you will hopefully see in the pictures).

The best feature is the Buddha statue in the topmost building, that you must take your shoes off to enter. In intervals they will let you into the main room, where the monk plays a drum and sings some chants, then for newcomers they will give you a brief history of the temple.

Was a beautiful place, unfortunately we had to rush it as we had to head back to eat some delicious oysters!! But oysters should come with a warning! So please cook well before eating!!














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