Hello world! Hello 2014!

2014 is a new year and so far (it’s exceptionally early days!!!) I feel a new level of motivation and creativity and want to make this a year to really get more creative and focus more on the things I enjoy! I know this is a time when everyone is posting New Year’s Resolutions, but after I did a lesson on New Year’s Resolutions at one of my school’s, it actually made me think more about my own plans for this year.  So here goes . . .

  1. Tone up! Last year I started doing TRX, one of my friends is an instructor, and it’s really helped me build my strength! This year I want to take things a step further and do that bit more. 3 times a week is the plan!
  2. Speak Japanese! I took JLPT 3 in December (which I’m pretty sure I failed!!) but it was a really impetus to sit down and study, and because of that my vocab and grammar knowledge has really improved. But this year I need to stop just reading and start actually communicating!!
  3. Read more! I plan to read more books by Japanese authors and continuing from last year, finish reading the N3 Japanese reader library, but I also want to read more from the blogosphere about topics that interest me.
  4. Make friends! I need to meet more people, 2012 was a great year for meeting people and making friends but last year not so much, so I must try to get out there again!
  5. Create! I think practice makes perfect and I’m going to aim for quantity over quality here, until I get better at this!

This year I also hope I can be a better, kinder and more thoughtful, granddaughter, daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend. OK 2014, I’m ready, bring it on!


2014 is the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse and the Kanji for horse is  馬


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